Olias cover art by David Fairbrother-Roe


For each of the following three images, you must click to enlarge.

(above and below) inside gatefold, sides 2 and 3 — Jon Anderson’s story Olias of Sunhillow is the text


(above) sides 4 and 5 — there is an inner page added between the front and back sides of the gatefold


outer cover, full


(above) inner sleeve, or liner, featuring the lyrics and a photo of Jon (second from right), his then wife Jennifer, and others including David Fairbrother-Roe, the artist of the album cover, at far left (see comment below by John Morrison, a cousin of the artist)

(below) closeup of Ranyart, from page 5. The text can be read after clicking on the image twice to enlarge it.



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  1. olias
    Nov 24, 2009 @ 04:28:52

    I was named after olias in this album!I’m 28 and I have a copy of the album and I am to this day intrigued by the artwork of the cover and just want to see more of the artists work! Where or how could I get ahold of some?

  2. shadowolf
    Nov 25, 2009 @ 22:30:46

    Olias, Glad to hear from you. The artist is David Fairbrother-Roe. His website is http://dragondaze.50webs.com/, but I don’t think you will find these pictures there. I coundn’t find them anywhere in my early searches, not in google images at all (Though they probably are now after I posted them) and not found on any of the Jon Anderson or Yes info and/or tribute sites I checked. I must have looked through a dozen sites and not found a trace of them.

    Many months after my early attempts I tried again and this time they were quickly found at photobucket.com. The cover images come from four different accounts there. Search on the name “Olias”. If I discover more information about them I will post it here. — cheers, Jim

  3. Dexter B
    Jan 24, 2010 @ 22:04:07

    Since I own a mint condition Olias album and also was a professional photographer, I might be of assistance if you are in need of detailed photographs of both the album and/or sleeve.
    Just let me know what I can do for you.



  4. shadowolf
    Jan 26, 2010 @ 16:25:13

    Dexter, Thanks very much for the offer. I don’t know. I was surprised to find as much as I did. This site is kind of on low priority right now because I don’t know what to add to it. And don’t really have time to, to tell the truth. — Cheers, Doc

  5. John Morrison
    Aug 14, 2013 @ 12:22:06

    The “Unknown other” on the extreme left of the picture on the inner sleeve is the Artist Dave Roe (Dave Fairbrother-Roe (1945-2013)), who is also my cousin.

  6. doc
    Aug 15, 2013 @ 19:28:21

    Thanks, John

    I hadn’t been aware of his passing. My condolences to you and the family.


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  8. Jem Croucher
    Jun 08, 2014 @ 05:07:21

    Many thanks for this inspiring background to the Olias of Sonhillow album. Coincidentally, I’ve just started a new mini-series on my music blog and spotted yours on a Google search when undertaking some research for what I wanted to write. Yours does a lot more justice than mine but here’s a link so that you can see the angle I’ve taken. Includes a ping-back to yours.


  9. doc
    Jun 08, 2014 @ 17:44:32


    You’re welcome, and thanks for the kind compliments. Just visited your post on Olias of Sunhillow. Thank you very much for providing the enormous photos of the gatefold sleeve, the inner sleeve, and the label. Keep up the good work.

    Regards, doc

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