Olias cover art by David Fairbrother-Roe


For each of the following three images, you must click to enlarge.

(above and below) inside gatefold, sides 2 and 3 — Jon Anderson’s story Olias of Sunhillow is the text


(above) sides 4 and 5 — there is an inner page added between the front and back sides of the gatefold


outer cover, full


(above) inner sleeve, or liner, featuring the lyrics and a photo of Jon (second from right), his then wife Jennifer, and others including David Fairbrother-Roe, the artist of the album cover, at far left (see comment below by John Morrison, a cousin of the artist)

(below) closeup of Ranyart, from page 5. The text can be read after clicking on the image twice to enlarge it.



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